"The caverns of Hammerfest" (or "Hammerfest" for short) is a game created by the French company Motion Twin (MT) and was released in February 2006. The game was first released in French and later in Spanish and English. In this game you control the little snowman called Igor to help him get back his carrot nose which the evil wizard Tuber has stolen from you. The game has 103 base levels plus over 200 "off road" levels called The Parallel Dimensions (PDs). If you are an old time gamer this game will surely remind you of the great times of Bubble Bubble, Snow Bros and Bomberman. It has modern graphics and great inovations which change the game experience the more you play. There are also many levels and items that remind you of other games or anime series as well. Super Mario, Rigor Dangerous, Sonic, One Piece, Hare Nochi Guu and more.

When you play you have a full view of the level you play. There are enemies (different kinds of fruits that have been turned evil by Tuber) which you have to kill to advance to the next level safely. You do so by jumping into the void in the bottom of the level. If you do that while there are still fruits on the screen you will die. After you clear the level of all fruits you can also go through a Door or a Blue Vortex which will leed you a Parallel Dimension. On almost every level you get an effect item (makes Igor run faster, freezes or killes the enemies, skips levels, give you points or just has some wicked power or devastating effect), a points item and several letters (C R I S T A and L. Remember that the game was originally French, that's why it is CRISTAL, not CRYSTAL you have to collect) which upon collecting clears the screen of all harm and gives you +1 life. If you manage to get the letters in the order they are spelled you will get a nice bonus as well. ;) There are also different quests in the game which give you various bonuses when you complete them. A quest is completed when you get a certain number of one or several items, which you get while you play, and they unclock new items to show in the game, unlock access to new Parallel Dimensions, give you improvements in the game (like "Start the game with one extra life") or unlock new game modes which change the game in unique way. When you complete the "Sandy's Adventure Begins!" quest you can play 2 players mode with your friend on the same computer. And that was just a tiny bit of the fun you can have with Hammerfest.

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