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Sometimes you will come upon a Special Zone. These zones are usually guarded by more zombies than usual and are displayed . You can visit the zone only once. Your regular search is not affected by visiting the special zones and you can visit it even if the zone is controlled by zombies. Sometimes these zones will be covered in 4 to 20 Dirt and you have to use AP (1AP removes 1Dirt) or Ness-Quick Weedkiller (1 removes 2Dirt or 3Dirt and doesn't require AP) to clean it. You won't know what is hidden until you clear the zone.

The list is not quite accurate, so if you have more info about what you can find searching the Special zones, please, e-mail me.

Special Zone list
Abandoned Construction Site Screwdriver, Trestle, Water Ration, Food
Abandoned Park Suspicious Looking Vegetable, Water Pistol
Abandoned Supermarket Wonky Shopping Trolley, Vodka Marinostov, Wake The Dead, Plastic Bag, Food
Ambulance Pharmaceutical Products
Burnt School Aqua-Splash, Box of Games, Human Flesh, Water Pistol
Cave Chest, Giant Rat, Human Flesh
Car Park Handful of Nuts and Bolts
Citizen's Home Can, Erktop-Gluten Chair, Rocking Chair
Collapsed Quarry Bag of cement
Construction Site Shelter Metal support
Cosmetics Lab Pharmaceutical Products, Tasty-Looking Steak, Drugs
Dark Woods Chicken, Human Flesh, Plastic Bag, Rotting Log
Derelict Villa Can, Erktop-Gluten Chair, Rocking Chair
Deserted Freight Yard No data
Destroyed Pharmacy Anabolic Steroids, Paracetoid 7g, Pharmaceutical Products, Valium Shot
Disused Car Park Handful of Nuts and Bolts, Metal support, Trestle
Disused Warehouse Citizen's Welcome Pack, Food Parcel, Toolbox
Equipped Trench Bag of Cement, Plastic Bag and Semtex
Fairground Stall Plastic Bag
Family Tomb Human Flesh, Revolver
Fast Food Restaurant Bloody-hot Coffee, Out-of-date Biscuits, Tasty-Looking Steak
Fraser D's Kibab Ish Full Jerrycan, Giant Rat, Serrated Penknife, Food
Garden Shed Intestine Melon, Ness-Quick Weedkiller, Suspicious-Looking Vegetable
Home Depot Incomplete Engine, Handful of Nuts and Bolts
Indian Burial Ground Broken Human Bone, Manbag, Meaty Bone
Looted Supermarket Battery, Handful of Nuts and Bolts
Mac's Atomic Cafe Food
Old Bicycle Hire Shop Handful of Nuts and Bolts, Copper Pipe, Utility Belt
Old Hydraulic Pump Full Jerrycan, Copper Pipe, Kwik Fix
Old Police Station Aqua-Splash, Large Chest, Manbag, Radius Radar Beacon, Taser
Old Water Processing Plant Full Jerrycan
Pi-Keya Furniture Box Cutter, Flatpacked Furniture
Plane Crash Site Belt, Metal support, Screwdriver, Sheet Metal (parts), Toolbox
Scottish Smith's Superstore Broken Electronic Device, Intestine Melon, Tasty-Looking Steak
Shady Bar Vodka Marinostov, Wake The Dead
Small House Duct Tape, Giant Rat, Järpen Table, Pharmaceutical Products, Suspicious Looking Vegetable, Decoration
Smuggler's Cache Citizen's Welcome Pack , Toolbox
Water Processing Plant Copper Pipe, Full Jerrycan
Wrecked Cars Belt, Handful of Nuts and Bolts, Kwik Fix, Sheet Metal (parts), Wrought Iron
Wrecked Transporter Adjustable Spanner, Sheet Metal (parts), Toolbox, Food